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Desert Island Twitter Game

Dear Reader,

Ok, you are lost on a desert island and you can only follow 5 people on twitter. (Don’t think about it too hard, it’s just a freakin’ game) Who do you choose and why?

Here are my 5.

5: @andigutmans
Ok, so I work for Andi. (Actually, I work for @markdevisser) Andi is new to twitter but has already begun to see the potential. He’s started monitoring Zend’s footprint on twitter and I’ve seen him answer people’s questions or gripes about Zend, even when they are not addressed to him.

4: @lizziekeiper
I only met Lizzy a few month ago but she’s fun and every few days she asks her “Question of the day”. I like people that make me stop and think for a minute during my day.

3: @weierophinney
I work with Matthew and we usually talk every day or so. Matthew only tweets when he has something to say. (and that’s rare on twitter) so if Matthew says something, I stop and read it and if he posts a URL, I almost always visit it.

2: @mtabini
Marco is a good friend and a really bright guy. I follow him because his posts are almost always funny or insightful.

1: @everysandwich
Fred Leo is the funniest man I’ve never met. (No offense @SoupySales) We’ve been on-line friends for about 3 years now. I help him with his blogs from time to time and in return he makes me laugh almost every day. Before twitter, Fred and I would talk on AIM every day. Talking with Fred on AIM is difficult, not because he’s hard to understand but because I hated to just blather. Since the things he said made me laugh out loud, I felt I had to be funny too. Which was fine, we had some awesome discussions but it’s taxing on my brain. With twitter now, I can get my Fredisms without feeing the pressure to be funny back. (We still talk on AIM though, just not as much) If you’ve got time, go visit his blog and listen to PETA Girl or root around till you find the story of Aunt Mary. It’s worth it, I promise.

Until Next Time,

2 thoughts on “Desert Island Twitter Game

  1. Hey, interesting idea, Cal!

    Here are mine, in no particular order:

    1- @marsphoenix. It’s so cool to be able to get real time information on such historical events as finding real water ice on Mars. Very cool, indeed.
    2- @funkatron. Ed undoubtedly makes me laugh at least once per day.
    3- Great source of PHP news, thanks to @enygma
    4- @wilw. Wil Wheaton is funny, insightful, and enjoyable to read (his blog rocks, too).
    5- a tie between my oink-puggers, @hellogerard, @kmacke, @agilous, @chris96321, @foxydot, @earlmred, @miller22. They are great friends and consistently crack me up on a daily basis.

    I know that’s probably breaking your rules a bit, but too bad. :D

  2. It startles me that the both of you, when on a deserted island, are still interested in PHP news. :-)

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