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Entreprenurial Update

Dear Reader,

I really need a better name for these updates. :)

Ok, so last week was my “stay-cation” Originally, Kathy and I had plans but those had to be put on hold so I had a week here at the house. This should have given me plenty of time to get things done. I really need to look at my interruptions because I accomplished a lot less than I wanted to.

I did knock one concrete thing off my list though, I got PHPLists installed to manage my house list until it grows large enough to move it to a service. If you are curious, my favorite mailing service is right here in Nashville and even thought they passed on hiring the lovely and talented Kathy, I’ll probably still use Emma.

These blog posts are not to pimp the project so I try to concentrate on what I’m doing and not promote the project. That having been said, it is impossible to explain things clearly without giving you a few details along the way. My new project is “episodic” in nature. Therefore a good chunk of what I do is writing and producing each episode. So far, I have 2 written and ready to record and have started on the third. The writing doesn’t take as long as I expected but the research is taking way longer. Since I’m writing training materials, it has to be accurate. So Episode 3 is coming along but slowly.

I’m still fretting over the marketing strategy. As I said previously, I plan on using affiliate marketing as one of my strategies but I know it can’t be the only one. If I were trying to reach developers I would know how to market it but since I’m trying to reach management, I’m really scratching my head. If I come up with anything, I’ll let you know.

That’s all for this week, as I said, more things went on to the To Do list than came off. :)

Until next time,