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Entreprenurial Update

Dear Reader,

No, I’ve not abandoned my new project, I did, however, have to put it on hold for a few weeks while I finished DPC09. Now that it’s over, I am back on the job.

Looking back, my last update was quite some time ago. Here’s what has been happening since then.

Content update

Right now I have 4 episodes written and I am constantly editing them to clean up the wording, etc. I hope to record the first episode within the next week or so but even then I have questions about production values. I have a good microphone and will be using Audacity to edit. from that standpoint, the production values will be pretty high. My questions center around things like:

  • How important is a music bed?
  • Do I stick with a strict format or ‘wing-it’ for each episode?
  • Other “fit and finish” items like that.

My gut tells me that nothing except for experimenting and sending things to friends for opinions are going to be the only way to answers those.


The lovely and talented Kathy has designed the new site. As soon as I finish fleshing out the content, it will go live and I’ll tweet it.


I’m still struggling with a marketing plan. It was brought to my attention that my affiliate marketing program wouldn’t generate enough revenue for most participants to make it more than a curiosity. I really thought affiliate marketing would be a good way to go but given the finite market for the product and the pricing structure, my friend may be right. There may not be enough there to attract affiliates. This means I have to re-think my marketing plan. (Banking on TechCrunch coverage seems like a better idea with each passing day) :)

So that’s where I’m at right now. Still writing, not as fast as I would like but being correct is more important than being fast at the moment.

Until next time,