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Win free SQLYog!

Dear Reader,

[UPDATE: This contest is now over. Thanks to my friends at SQLYog for the licenses and congratulations to the winners.]

My buddies over at SQLYog asked me the other day what they could do to help spread the word about the Enterprise version fo SQLyg and how cool it is to the PHP community. (For a detailed description of how cool it is, see my recent post “SQLYog – A Superficial Review“) I told them what I tell everyone, free is good!

While they can’t afford to give everyone in the PHP community a free license (they would if they could, trust me, I know these guys, they are cool like that) they did give me 2 licenses to give away.

So here’s how we are going to do this. If you would like a free copy of the best MYSQL management tool I’ve ever used you have to do 2 things.

  1. Follow me on twitter, @calevans. (Don’t worry, you can unfollow after the contest if you want.)
  2. Drop me an email at cal at calevans dot com telling me you want to win one of the licenses. Make sure to include your twitter account in the message so I can contact you when you win.

That’s it, no annoying all your twitter buddies with a daily message including a #stupidHashTag, and no turning in 5 of your facebook buddies, just follow me and email me.

On Thursday and Friday, I will pick one winner each day and DM them via twitter. If you aren’t following me, I can’t DM you and I’ll move on to the next person. Once I’ve notified the winner, I’ll tweet it so everyone can know.

To recap, 2 chances to win but you have to do 2 things to win. Follow me and email me.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

3 thoughts on “Win free SQLYog!

  1. SQLYog is my favorite MySQL tool, but I don’t have a twitter account so I guess I’m out of luck. If I did have an account the only tweets people would get would be “1” and “2”. You figure it out. It’s roughly the value of twitter from where I’m sitting.

    BTW, I’m attending the CodeWorks conference in Dallas and I’m interested in your talk on Design Patterns in PHP. Can you tell me which patterns you plan to cover so I can read up in advance to get more out of the session? PHP coding is my hobby so I’m eager to learn more about applying design patterns to solve problems related to web development.


  2. @JJ

    My Design Patterns talk is only about 1/2 done so no, I don’t have any hints yet. However, watch this space. it’s usually pretty easy to tell what is on my mind if you read my blog. As i start finishing these talks up, I’ll blog them.

    See you in Dallas!


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