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Will Speak for Cab Fare

Dear Reader,

In late September and early October, I will be part of the CodeWorks 09 tour. During CodeWorks I will be giving two new talks, “Design Patterns” and “5 Things”. I won’t, however, have the opportunity to give one of my favorite talks, “Open Teams:What Corporate IT Can Learn from Open Source Projects”. (If you’ve not read the blog post or reviewed the slides from the presentation, feel free to follow the link and see what it’s all about.)

I presented Open Teams in Prague in July at a corporate event for the MIH Group. Here’s what Jacques, the CEO of SWAT had to say about the presentation.

The MIH group recently hosted a technical conference for CTO’s and senior technologists in the group. We invited Cal to address the multi-national audience on the topic of managing distributed teams. Cal’s “Open Teams” presentation ran a bit over the allocated time, but I received tweets threatening bodily harm if I did not allow him to carry on talking for as long as he wanted to. Nothing could in any case have induced me to cut him short.

From C-level executives to developers, from Alexa top 50 companies to start ups, everyone present resonated with and found great value in Cal’s advise on building passionate, empowered teams. If you have anything to do with developers, you should listen to Cal.

@calevans, you were #awesome.

   -Jacques van Niekerk
    CEO @ MIH SWAT, CTO @ MIH Internet

So I make this offer to any company in a city I will be visiting. If you would like me to present Open Teams to your IT management team, drop me an email, cal at calevans dot com and let’s work out the schedule. I don’t charge a fee but since I won’t have transportation in these cities, you will need to cover any costs involved in getting me to your office and back to my hotel. (Although I probably wouldn’t say no to dinner afterward.)

This is a management level talk, not a technical talk. I welcome developers to be in the audience but if I’m only presenting it to developers, it’s a bit like preaching to the choir. This presentation runs about an hour so plan on an hour and 15 minutes with questions.

Drop me an email if you are interested so we can work out the scheduling issues. this is a great talk and a subject I’m passionate about. I can promise a thought provoking hour if nothing else.

Until next time,
I <3 |<