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Zend Framework Piece by Piece

Dear Reader,

Zend Framework is unique in the PHP framework lineup in that it is simple to pull out single pieces and use them independently of the framework itself.

This was the premise of the webcast I presented as part of the summer webcast series, hosted by phparchitect and sponsored by Microsoft.

It it, I take several pieces of Zend Framework and use them to build a simple little tool. The tools is highly incomplete and only meant to demonstrate technique. It wasn’t meant for actual use. if you are a developer, consider it a prototype to demonstrate functionality. If you are a manager, find a develoepr so they can explain to you why you can’t roll prototype code into production.

Here are the artifacts from the webinar:
Zend Framework Piece by Piece sample code
Zend Framework Piece By Piece Slides

NOTE: The sample code includes a phar file of the Zend Framework. Therefore, you will either need to have PHP 5.3 installed or have ext/phar installed.

I’ll update this post to include a link to the recording once it has been posted.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

10 thoughts on “Zend Framework Piece by Piece

  1. Looks interesting, tho I didn’t make it to the webcast. I wanted to download the slides, but they fail on OpenOffice 3.0 (slides are empty and when reacing the 15th slide or so, OpenOffice crashes. Is there maybe a video of the webinar available?

  2. Cal — great webinar — very much enjoyed hearing the talk; it’s matured a ton since we first discussed it.

    Ben — webinar was just today (the 4th) – video will be online sometime next week, most likely.

  3. Thanks for posting awesome artifacts! Any chance to provide slides in PDF or on Slideshare?

    Also, phparch’s recordings of the webcasts is several weeks behind, as far as I can tell.

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