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CodeWorks 09 Journal

Dear Reader,

This blog is about to go into journal mode for a few weeks. As you are a regular reader, you will no doubt, have noticed the CodeWorks speaker badge to the left of this post. It is my goal (not promise) to journal these final days of hectic preparation and the entire wild journey of what will undoubtedly be one of the more interesting things I ever do.

Marco Tabini, the brains behind CodeWorks and the Ring Master for the first 1/2 of the tour, should be held in reverent awe – and a straight jacket and chains – for pulling together a traveling road show of the PHP community’s A-List of speakers. (and me) Regardless of how this experiment plays out, it won’t be boring.

If you follow this blog because it’s low volume and technical, you may want to unfollow me because for the next few weeks it will be neither. My hope is to give a glimpse into the circus that will take place behind the scenes with my words, pictures, and hopefully, video.

I will start this journal off by answering the question why? Why spend two weeks on the road, speaking in 7 different cities? I have three primary reasons.

  1. Because it has never been done before.
    Let be honest, whether this succeeds or fails, it will be interesting. We will be breaking new ground in the PHP community. If it never happens again, we will be the only ones who have done it. If it becomes a yearly event, we will be the trail blazers. If nothing else, I get to hang out for two weeks with some of the brightest minds in the PHP community. So yes, I will climb this mountain because it is there.
  2. I enjoy teaching.
    If I had the opportunity to do anything I wanted to do for a living, teaching people about programming and PHP would be near the top of the list. It goes hand in and with my other two favorite jobs, programming and managing teams of developers. Any time I can use what I know to enhance someone else, I consider it a win. Invariably, I end up learning something new as well.
  3. To promote Box Lunch Training.
    Don’t think me crass Dear Reader, but yes, part of my goal will be to bring awareness to my new project, Box Lunch Training. If you are a regular on this blog, you’ve read several posts about it already. It will not be my primary focus when lecturing as people are attending to learn, not be sold. However, I will be discussing it in the hallways, passing out stickers, and encouraging people to sign up. (you have already put you email address on the mailing list, right?)

So there is my first journal entry in my CodeWorks journal. If you want to just subscribe to the journal, the feed is

It will be a strange journey but one that I hope you will enjoy taking with me. If you are planning on attending CodeWorks 09, make sure you find me and say hi! (ask for a BoxLunchTraining sticker, they are free and no strings attached)

Until next time
Je t’aime ma chère Kathy.

5 thoughts on “CodeWorks 09 Journal

  1. Hey Cal,

    Look forward to following your entries and also to meeting you in Dallas, as I will be attending.


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