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CWJ: Day 0

Dear Reader,

CodeWorks 09 Vital Stats

CodeWorks 09 day #: 0
Days till I see the Lovely and Talented Kathy:07
Cities left: 7
Miles Traveled: 0
Cups of Coffee: 0
Current Current City: Utrecht

Random Statistic of the day

Number of takes for me to get a video right while sitting at a table with the waitresses all staring at me: 2

Conference Notes

I know it’s a bit early to start conference notes. It’s only Monday and the conference doesn’t start until Tuesday. However, the tutorial speakers are either in town or arriving soon so I’m going to go ahead and jump the gun and start. To kick things off, here’s my first vidcast.

Until next time,

Szeretlek drága Kathy

p.s. The word of the day is “um”