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5 thoughts on “CWJ: Day 7-8

  1. Hey Cal! I caught a glimpse of you at the dinner at Gordon Biersch. I was trying to chat with everyone I could but didn’t seem to make it over to ya, so I apologize! I guess you didn’t recognize me from the event in Redmond last October. I had a completely crazy day Monday with a Windows launch event in the morning, meeting with the owner of a new co-working space in Atlanta called Ignition Alley, and to top it off I had to go help my 16 year old daughter change a tire on her car. I was wiped out by the evening!

    Although I’ve been interfacing with Ben and Atlanta PHP for a couple of years now, I guess I’m not quite the “trooper” Josh is :).

    But it was good to chat with you at the WebSiteSpark reception following the conference, and I enjoyed your Flash/Flex and design patterns talks at CodeWorks. I’ll see you in D.C.!

  2. @glen,

    Sorry at the dinner I didn’t recognize you. You were working the room like a pro. :) Glad we got to catch up and I’m glad you enjoyed the talks.

    See ya in DC.


  3. Brian Gorbett was another good Microsoft guy too. He was lots of fun and had some cool Silverlight demos.

    And thanks for drinking each time you said “awesome”. ;)

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