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CWJ: Wrap-up

Dear Reader,

Well CodeWorks 09 is over and I’ve mostly recovered. (I still have a bit of a cold that I picked up in NYC but other than that, I’ve recovered) I did a total of 24 sessions across 7 cities and enjoyed every one of them. Each city was different and it’s impossible for me to pick one as my favorite. So I’m going to list my favorite memory from each city.


San FranciscoSan Francisco Postcard
This one is easy, dinner and cigars with Marco Tabini. We had a great dinner at Houston’s, walked back, picked up a couple of good cigars and then wandered back t the hotel. We ended up around one of the hotel’s fire pits, talking till about 9:00. If we had waited about 15 more minutes, we could have roasted marshmallows with the A-Team.



Los AngelesLA Postcard
My favorite memory of LA should have been the OCPHP meetup. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling good so I stayed in the hotel. I understand from Elizabeth and Ben that I missed a great party. LA however, was our first traffic snafu and the cement mixer flipped over on the median of the Interstate has to be the strongest memory I have. Well, that and packing everyone and all of our luggage into the van.



My Dallas memory is the Microsoft open bar party after the conference. More specifically, it is the after party’s after party that is my favorite memory. We sat around in the American Airlines fake airport drinking till about 9:30 PM or 10:00 PM. At one poin Josh Holmes was laughing so hard his entire head turned purple. it was a great time of just hanging out with the speakers like Jason Sweat and the locals like Tim Stiles.



AtlantaPostcard Project: ATL
Hands down, my favorite memory of Atlanta was seeing the lovely and talented Kathy’s car pull up in front of the hotel. My heart skipped a beat as I saw her get out of her car. It was the first time in 5 months I had seen her and she was more beautiful than I remembered.

Beyond my personal happy moment, Atlanta had a lot of great memories. Hanging with everyone at the after party at Jeff Jones’ eating boiled peanuts and drinking rum while everyone else tasted beers.



MiamiPostcard Project Miami
Another great personal memory, I was privileged to reconnect (I used to say “hook up with” but that sounds wrong) with an old friend and her husband, Nancy and Bruce Campbell. (No, not the one with the boomstick) We had a great dinner the night before the conference and then Bruce attended the conference while Nancy hung around with the likes of Lig, Liz and Kathy.

Outside of that, my Miami memory is a bit of an odd one. The conference room were actually freezing. to the point where my fingers were beginning to go numb, I’m talking cold here. Ok, it’s not a happy memory but it is what I remember the most.



DCPostcard Project: DCA
So many good memories in DC. Dinner with MWOP, Eli, Keith and the gang. Meeting Dawn Casey in person after talking with her on twitter for a year. Yet another great party thrown by Microsoft. All things considered, the hotel, the people, the sessions, etc. DC had to be my favorite. Not because of any one thing but the culmination of a lot of little things.



NYCPostcard Project:NYC
My favorite memory of NYC was the train ride over. I’d never ridden Amtrack before. Luckily, Ed Finkler was my train buddy. I would like to say that we had a in-depth conversation about technology however, by this point, both of us were pretty beat so we ended up cocooning in our respective seats with our ipods.

Dinner at Siggy’s with everyone was another great time in NYC. Many thanks to Chis Shiflett for being our guide. It was also great to see Paul M. Jones. He was working in the OmniTI, NYC office and stopped by to hang with us for a while.

Let’s do it again!

All in all, CodeWorks 09 was one of those great memories I will always look back on fondly. Yes, there were times when it wasn’t great but honestly, being in such great company made even the bad times bearable.

So to all my fellow speakers, to Microsoft, to the great crew for Team Awesome and to everyone on The A-Team, thank you. Thank you for making a great memory.

Until next time,
I <3 |<


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  1. Cal, it was great to meet you in Dallas! I missed your Design Patterns talk because I had to leave early to drive back to Houston. I am looking forward to having a look at your slide deck to see what I missed. See you next time I manage to make a conference.

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