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List of my most used Android apps.

Dear Reader,

I am now in my sixth month of owning a Moto Droid (her name is Karen) an so I thought I would share with you which apps I use the most. Feel free to append your favorite apps to the list. It does need to be said that these are not necessarily my favorite apps, just the ones I use the most.

  1. Email
    The default mail client that comes with Android is good enough to do everything I want it to.
  2. Seesmic
    As told someone this morning I use Seesmic on my Droid because it hasn’t pissed me off…yet. Honestly, I use it because I use Seesmic on my desktop. There are things I don’t like about ti but overall it is good and it is reliable.
  3. Google Maps
    While it is not the app I use the most, Google Maps is one of the reasons to own a droid in my opinion. Sometimes I know where I am going, most of the time I don’t. In town, it is great to be able to just type the name of a business and get turn-by-turn navigation form where I am to where I am going. It is as good as any stand-alone GPS device I have used and I can check in with FourSquare when I get done. (not in the app, but with the device)
  4. Foursquare
    Those of you who follow me on twitter (@calevans) are rolling your eyes right now because you are sick of seeing my checkins. (I know you are, you’ve told me.) I like FourSquare. I am not sure why. I try not to abuse it and even turned it off while vacationing in Savannah so I didn’t bore everyone with my sightseeing and pub crawls. :) Still, this is one of my favorite apps on my droid AND one of the most used.
  5. Skype
    At Blue Parabola we use Skype a lot. Having this running in the background on my phone means I an never totally out of touch unless I want to be. I wish Skype would not have agreed to let Verizon dictate it’s terms of use to me. Other than that, it’s a good app and does not appreciably lower my battery life.
  6. Google Listen
    It’s not a great podcatcher but it’ll do in a pinch. I wish it would let me put in a URL of a podcast and have it find it and show me which episodes I could listen to. If it would allow me to subscribe a-la iTunes, I would switch all my podcasts over to my phone and leave my iTouch for music only.
  7. WiFi Finder
    This is a handy app to have when on hte road or in any strange environment. I don’t use it often but when I do it is great.
  8. Car Locator
    By purchasing this app, I have now purchased more apps for my droid than I ever did for my iTouch. (exactly 1 at the moment) This is a great app for travelers who leave their car at airports, shoppers who leave their cars in big parking lots or pirates who bury treasure and don’t want to draw up a map. Other than the one time it tried to convince me that I was in Nashville but my car was in Buffalo, NY, it has worked great.
  9. iOthello
    This is the only game I actually play on my droid. Sorry, the screen is just too small (or my fingers too fat) to play games comfortably. This one I like though.
  10. Barcode Scanner
    I like playing with things like QRCodes. When I was working on a Flex project to generate them, this was the app I used for testing. It and the camera on my droid are good enough to read the barcode off the picture of the back of my business card.

That’s it. As I indicated, some of them are not my favorite apps but just the most convenient. Also, looking at this list now I see that while I do use my droid for a variety of tasks, communication is still the #1 thing I do with it. it should be noted that I rarely use the phone app. :)

Until Next Time,
I <3 |<

3 thoughts on “List of my most used Android apps.

  1. Cal,

    It is actually possible to subscribe to podcasts through Google Listen. Took me a little while to get the hang of how it operates but I’ve been using Google Listen and my Droid instead of iTunes and my iPod for almost 4 months now. Subscribe to the podcast and have it check for updates to add to your queue once a day so you never miss any episodes. Great to be able to carry my phone and podcasts with me especially for long car drives.

  2. Nice list. My most used Apps are Skype, Google Maps and StudiVZ (the german kind of Facebook). The choise of Apps is growing from day to day and at its not far away that you can use your smartphone like a complete personal computer.

  3. At the same time as I really like a bodily keyboard, after coping with the Samsung Captivate for approximately quarter-hour, it’s arduous to go back. Right now I am debating whether or not to go to Verizon for the Droid X, go to Dash for the EVO, or stay with AT&T for the Captivate…decisions, decisions.

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