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Flyte World Dining and Wine

Dear Reader,

I don’t think I have ever done a restaurant review on this blog so this will be a first.

The story so far…

This story started back in early May. Every now and then I like to take the lovely and talented Kathy out to a nice restaurant, most of the time to one a little more expensive than we can afford but hey, she is worth it. In early May, I chose Flyte World Dining and Wine, (@FlyteNashville) knowing her burgeoning love for wine. I made reservations through their online booking service and we went. The food was impeccable, the service outstanding, the only real complaint I had was that they sat the two of us at a table that shared a back bench with two other tables. To each side of us were large parties. The result was that neither Kathy nor myself could hear ourselves think. I asked the seating hostess to move us to a more secluded table as this was a romantic tryst but I was told that all the tables were reserved; even though clearly 1/2 the restaurant was empty.

We finished our meal and even though every other detail was great, the noise level left us unsatisfied and convinced that it just wasn’t out kind of restaurant.

Don’t ask me if you don’t want me to tell you

That next Monday, the online reservation system Flyte uses send me a questionnaire asking me to rate my experience. Since they left a comment box, I proceeded to tall them of our experience. I fully expected that to be the end of our relationship with Flyte. This was a private questionnaire form a third-party vendor. I was simply venting and did not expect any further action.

The next week was TEK·X. Those of you who know me know how crazy that week was for me. During it though, I got an email from one of the co-owners expressing his deep regret and asking us to return and give them one more chance.

Take Two

It has taken until now for us to be able to return to Flyte World Dining and Wine due to scheduling issues but Saturday night, we once again dined there. This time, they sat us on the far corner of the bench at, a table for two in the corner of the restaurant. [Side Note: If you visit Flyte, this is an excellent table as it affords you a great view of the entire restaurant.] There was a party next to us on the bench but because we were not between two large parties, it was a great experience.

As with the last visit, the food was outstanding. Being born and raised in the South, it isn’t exactly my kind of food, but that didn’t keep me from enjoying it. Our waiter’s name was Paul. If you go, ask to be seated in Paul’s section. I’m not sure of Paul sets the standard at Flyte or if he just lives up to it but I’ve traveled the world over and have rarely had a waiter as good as he. Looking back, I can contrast Paul with the waiter at the Sapphire Grill, where we ate on Thursday evening. At the Sapphire, the waiter was constantly there, talking to us and preventing our conversation from maturing. Paul was only there when we needed him. I never had to wait for anything and e did not feel it necessary to strike up a conversation with us or explain his family history.

More than just a restaurant

To me though, Flyte is not just about the food (outstanding) the service (second to none) or even the wine list (out of this world) Flyte is what I like to call an “experience” restaurant. You go there for the whole package. I did not talk to the owner about why he wrote me but the feeling I got was that even though my complaint was a private message, and even though if you Google for Flyte you will see some outstanding reviews – he was not happy that the one thing they sell, the experience, was not up to par.

We left thoroughly fed, very happy and committed to return, finances permitting. There was a small bit of a confusion on my part that is in no way a reflection on the restaurant. I misread the email from the co-owner and interpreted it as an invitation to dine as his guest. I take full responsibility for this mis-understanding and even though the meal was pricey, I consider it a good investment in my relationship with wife 1.26. My misunderstanding did not mar our experience last night in any way.


If you are looking for a special place to take someone in Nashville, Flyte World Dining and Wine should be on your list. It is not an intimate restaurant, The walls are all hard brick and that contributes to the noise level. (Even with that though it is quieter than you average P.F. Chang’s) It is however an experience and one I can recommend without reservation to anyone.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

p.s. Paul, if you read this, you are correct, Woodford Reserve is fantastic. Thank you for the recommendation.

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