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5 PHP twitter accounts that have replaced my feed reader

Dear Reader,

I have given up on feed readers. I never did like them much to begin with and have found over the past couple of years that twitter does a better job of showing me interesting blog posts than Google Reader ever did.

In addition to recommendations from friends however, there are a hand full of accounts that I follow to keep up with what is going on. So here is my #followFriday for the next few weeks all wrapped into a single blog post.

  1. @phpdeveloper
    Run by Chris Cornutt, is a well known site among the PHP community. If you are always on the prowl for new PHP related blog posts, you will want to follow @phpdeveloper.
  2. @planetphp
    What self-respecting PHP developer doesn’t read “the planet”. Anything and everything you need or want to know about…well just about anything…can be found at php-planet. Most of the core developers have their blogs on the planet as well as many of the high-profile community members. Following @planetphp gives you a quick heads up any time something is posted.
  3. @weierophinney
    Whether you call him Supreme Allied Commander, MWOP, or just sir; there is no doubt that Matthew Weier O’Phinney is one of the most knowledgeable people in the PHP community. As Chief Architect of the Zend Framework, he probably does more PHP coding than most of us. Lucky for us, he share what he knows freely. So whether you have a a Zend Framework question, a PHP question or just a beer question Matthew is someone you want to be following.
  4. @phpc
    Run by Ben Ramsey, @phpc is the twitter voice of the #phpc channel on Ben posts info on user group happenings, community oriented blog posts, polls, etc. If it’s related to the PHP community at large, you will find it tweeted or re-tweeted by @phpc. Since I am a firm believer that every PHP developer should be an active member of their local user group and the community at large, I feel this is a good twitter account to follow.
  5. @phpcamp
    I like @phpcamp. While they don’t always cover PHP related topics, every blog post they tweet is related to web development in some way and most are very interesting. (I do hate the little toolbar they stick on all articles though…what, is this 2000?) @phpcamp doesn’t often overlap with @planet_php or @phpdeveloper so it makes a good compliment to these accounts.

Ok, those are mine, what are your favorite twitter sources of PHP info? Share so we can all be better informed.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

7 thoughts on “5 PHP twitter accounts that have replaced my feed reader

  1. I’m actually not following that many people, because I dislike if people spam my timeline with too much information I don’t care about. If I should pick the five most important ones, they’d be:

    1. @weierophinney – Not only always a good source for new ZF-related stuff, but also PHP in general.

    2. @s_bergmann – If there’s anything new in PHPUnit or related tools, you’ll know it first.

    3. @ralphschindler – Most certainly the second most important source for Zend Framework

    4. @lornajane – Want to know something more about the community? Follow her!

    5. @SaraMG – Any questions about this? :)

  2. @Kevin,

    @SaraMG not even CLOSE to Sarah Michelle Geller. In a fight, my money is on @SaraMG ANY time. :)

    Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to leave a comment!


  3. @Jason,

    Nope, gonna have to stick with @SaraMG. She could snap Sarah Michelle Geller in two like a dry twig. (Besides, @SaraMG is my backup source of Facebook swag these days. I need to keep her happy.) :)

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