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A List of Drupal Podcasts

Dear Reader,

The lovely and talented Kathy has been working with Drupal now for a year and has decided that she really likes it. Since I believe in using commute time to learn, I decided to see what I could find for her to listen to on her daily commute. I found several active Drupal podcasts and vidcasts.

Here’s the list I gave to her, if you are into Drupal, give them a listen and quit wasting that morning commute waiting for the shock-jocks to actually say something funny.


Acquia Podcast Series
Description: Listen to the Acquia podcast series to learn about the open source Drupal social publishing system and Acquia’s offerings for Drupal. Hear from Drupal experts and users, as well as industry thought leaders. Learn more at
Frequency: Weekly.
NOTE: This podcast started in mid 2010 and faded quickly. It came back in December of 2010 and has been sporadic since then.


Drupal Easy Podcast LogoDrupalEasy Podcast
Description:We make Drupal Easy. Drupal is a powerful content management system that can save organizations lots of time, money and effort. It just takes a little guidance to get started. Whether you are a designer, manager, educator, or developer, this site and our services are all about making the power of Drupal easy to access for you. Our expert team serves up online media with tips and techniques, presents standard and custom training programs, and consults on projects of any size. Let us know what you need, we’ll make it easy.
Frequency: 1-2 episodes a month


Lulabot LogoLullabot Drupal Podcast
Description:News, interviews, and tips about Drupal and Open Source from the Lullabot Team.
Frequency:1-2 episodes a month.
NOTE: They are sporadic. Some months have no episodes, others have 2.



Lulabot Videocast LogoLullabot – Videocasts
Description:The video-only podcasts from about the Drupal content management framework.
NOTE: Sporadic.




Drupal Videos LogoDrupal Videos
Description:A mashup of Drupal video podcats including: Lullabot, Mustardseed Media, Drupal School and more!




Learn By The Drop Videos LogoLearn By The Drop Videos
Description:Learn By The Drop videos are short screencasts that provide instruction on different elements of the Drupal content management platform.
Frequency:1-2 Episodes per month.




Mustardseed Video Podcast LogoMustardseed Media Video Podcast (iPod)
Description:Mustardseed Media is a Drupal development shop that is happy to help YOU learn more about Drupal and web design. Our screencasts cover everything from basic to advanced design and development techniques. On the web at:
NOTE: In 2010, they weren’t regular. They released 9 episodes and took a month or so off.




  • Drupal Voices – Lullabot 25 Episodes
  • Geoff Hankerson – Drupal 4 Episodes
  • DrupaLMAO 16 Episodes (BEST. TITLE. EV-AR)
  • Drupal Design 2 Episodes
  • Drupal Development 1 Episode
  • Until next time,
    I <3 |<

    2 thoughts on “A List of Drupal Podcasts

    1. Cal,

      The Drupal Voices podcast normally just gets interviews from DrupalCon conferences and then releases the interviews they got as short podcasts one at a time until they run out. That is why Drupal Voices hasn’t had any releases lately. However, they are planning on getting more interviews from DrupalCon Chicago, so that podcast should be releasing new content shortly.

    2. @Barrett,

      Awesome! I was looking forward to that one until I saw it hadn’t had any recent releases.

      See ya in Chicago!

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