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I hate failing

Dear Reader,

6782885939_ab3e5e641b_nThe title says it all, I seriously hate failing. I know in our startup economy we are supposed to celebrate failure. I touched on in in my last post, “A question I’ve never been asked”, and y friend Liz Naramore disagreed with me on that point. She made an excellent case on why she thought I was wrong about failure. That doesn’t help, I still hate failure.

So it is with a sad heart – and no small amount of anger – that I announce through gritted teeth, that I have failed. I started a project – Coders’ Ball – and I failed. It was a grandiose idea. I wanted to throw a formal event for the developers in the Nashville area. It was to be a celebration of the developers in the Nashville tech community, and an opportunity to raise awareness – and money – for the Nashville Software School.

Sadly, it came down to money. I could either charge more than I wanted to for the tickets in order to cover the cost of the event, or raid the sponsorships that I wanted to go to NSS to subsidize the event, basically taking money out of the hands of NSS. I didn’t like either of those options.

So I’ve decided to pull the plug, cut my losses, and channel my hatred for failing into making sure that my other projects succeed.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

2 thoughts on “I hate failing

  1. Cal, though I’m sad to see the Coders’ Ball put on hold, I commend you for having vision and a willingness to put yourself out there. I still think it’s a great idea (note: I said “on hold”), but I love (and have always loved) your motivations for attempting it. You wanted to help others, help the community, and celebrate. Those characteristics are never associated with failure.

    The event is on pause, as I see it. I think it’s a great idea, and I’m thankful for the time you put into it. At some point in the future (maybe after a few exits), Nashville coders will have a reason to sip Champagne and laugh about the “old days”. Until then, we have plenty of work to do.

    Don’t be discouraged, my friend. You work is greatly appreciated, regardless of the outcome today.

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