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Signaling PHP

Dear Reader,

PrintI’ve just finished my 3rd book – and my first mini-book – and wanted to tell you about it.

“Signaling PHP” is about using PCNTL signals like SIGINT in PHP command line scripts.

Most of the PHP I write these days is CLI scripts. I really wanted to be able to trap signals in some of my scripts. I struggled with this for a while; I even spent an entire weekend googling and reading only to find out that most of the information out there was either wrong, confusing, or incomplete. I decided that once I figured it out, I was going to put everything I learned together in one place to help others that were struggling with this topic as well.

So it is that I present to you “Signaling PHP”. The book is approximately 30 pages long, and is available in PDF, Kindle, and mobi formats.

You can get your copy by visiting

Until next time,
I <3 |<

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