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Announcing Day Camp 4 Developers #9: Managing Your Career

Dear Reader,

Day Camp 4 Developers is a projects I started a few years ago to help developers learn the soft skills that they are not often taught. It is a fun project and every 3-4 months I get to hang out with a bunch of my friends on-line for a few hours.

Over the past year, we have branched out into some hard-tech sessions and they have been very well received. I’ve enjoyed doing them and will do more of them in the future. However, I seem to have veered away a bit from the founding concepts of DC4D. For Day Camp 4 Developers #9: Managing Your Career, we are going back to our roots.

  1. Back to soft skills
  2. Back to a Saturday session
  3. Back to pricing that is affordable to almost all developers

If you haven’t already seen the announcement, here are the details:

When: Saturday, March 22, 2014 9:00 AM CST
Where: On-Line. If you have Net, you can participate
How Much: $40 per developer or $100 per group

More Info: Day Camp 4 Developers #9: Managing Your Career

Developers don’t enjoy “career development”.
It’s a pain and it takes away from what we really want to do, code.

We all want better jobs.
There are only a few of us out there so content with their job, their salary, and their situation, that they can’t imagine changing anything. If you are one of those, this DC4D is not for you.

You need to know the secrets, we will teach them to you.
There are a few basic skills that, if you learn, will carry you along the path to the job you want, at the salary you want, and in the position that you want to be in. Let our four experts teach you what you need to know.

4 great talks, 4 hours of learning, $40.

  • Lonnie Brown – Working With Recruiters
  • Jim Hopkinson – How To Negotiate Your Salary Like An FBI Agent
  • Thursday Bram – Showcasing Your Expertise Beyond Writing Code
  • Brian Prince – Soft Skillz – They Aren’t Just for Humans Anymore

Join us. Together we will learn how to actively manage our careers.


Eventbrite - Day Camp 4 Developers #9: Managing Your Career

Until Next Time,
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