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Step 0 when hiring PHP developers online. Get this right!

Scrabble - Hiring by: Flazingo PhotosDear Reader,

When building an online strategy for finding developers to hire, start with your web site. It is amazing that so many companies miss this totally or mess this step up. Make sure you have a top level menu item that is easy to identify as “this is where we post jobs”. Call it “Jobs”, “Careers”, “Work with us” whatever, just make sure it’s in the top level of your menu and not something that people have to dig down into your site to get to.

Get your jobs page right

The page that this link points to – your overall “Jobs” page that contains the listings – is a very important page on your site. You use this space to sell potential candidates on your company. List the benefits, list the perks, explain why they want to work with you instead of moving on to the next company on their list. Treat this page like any other important landing page on your site. The point is to convert visitors into “resume submitters”. If it’s not converting for you, start digging to find out why.

An important thing to remember on this page is to keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm visitors with facts, figures, and details. Be concise and put your best foot forward. Give the casual browser the info they need to decide to dig deeper. Give the truly interested links to dig down and get more info. The job listings may be the focus of the page but the other information you present on this page will help developers make the decision whether to dig into the jobs or not.

Good examples

A good example of how to do a jobs page right is Twilio gives you all the information you need to make the decision to work with them or not. They spend a lot of time selling you on the company, then they give you links to the jobs. It is very well done.

An even better example is Engineyard is brief and to the point. They give you the basics but don’t spend a lot of time selling you on the company. Then they give you the links to the jobs. I know that this is contrary to the advice that I gave a scant few paragraphs ago. However in this case, it’s fine. See both twilio and Enginyard get Step 0 right.

Step 0

A common thread between these two companies is that they have both invested heavily in their developer culture. They have built a culture of respect that is well known in developer communities. When considering whether to apply for a job at one of these two companies, the question is rarely “Do I want to work there?”. Because they have invested in a culture of respect, because they have a good reputation in the community, the questions is invariably “Do they have a job for me?”.

So step 0 in the process of finding developers to work on your team is to build a culture of respect. If you get this right, attracting developers – attracting the best developers – will be easy. Get this wrong though, nothing else will matter. Remember, developer talk to each other within their community. They will know if you are not a good place to work.

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