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The secret to writing a job post to attract PHP developers

8505316460_78d0abaf5b_mDear Reader,

Is your company trying to hire a developer? Are you a recruiter responsible for helping your client hire a PHP developer? Do you have a job post out on the net? Get this one thing right and you’ll find your PHP developer.



Yes, that’s the entire secret; keep it simple. Make it easy for us to scan, easy for us to understand, easy for us to figure out how to apply.

  • You don’t impress us with big words you don’t understand.
  • Don’t use semantically null terms like “business quality”. You don’t know what that means any more than we do.
  • If you are using technical terms, please have a developer review the post to make sure you use them correctly.
  • List the absolute minimum skills to get the job. Don’t use a shotgun, use a sniper rifle.
  • BONUS TIP FOR RECRUITERS: Honestly, we don’t care that much about your agency, we are interested in the job. Don’t take up precious room at the top of the ad trying to sell us on your agency. Tell us about the job.

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12 thoughts on “The secret to writing a job post to attract PHP developers

  1. Additionally helpful (to me, at least), but still simple:

    – list a salary range. we don’t care only about money, but we also don’t want to waste our time on you if you (or your client) are only willing to pay 30% of what we need
    – I realize that it’s in a recruiter’s best interest to keep the actual position secret, but we need to vet it as much as it needs to vet us. Some of us simply don’t want to work in certain industries, or for certain companies, so hiding that from us is a waste of our time.


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