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Announcing NomadJS

NomadJSDear Reader,

For the past 16 months, it has been my privilege to host NomadPHP. I have a ball doing it. I have a lot of help from the Lovely and Talented Kathy, as well as Joe (@spvrnova) Ferguson, together the three of us have had some great fun building the first virtual PHP user group. I look forward to many more years of hosting NomadPHP.

Now though, I want to see if I can extend my passion for helping developers get better at developing. I am pleased to announce that Kathy and I, along with our good friend Jordan (@jakerella) Kasper, are starting up NomadJS next month.

Like NomadPHP, NomadJS will be a virtual event. Each month we will host a session. Our goal is not to replicate NomadPHP in the JavaScript community, but to give Jordan the infrastructure to build something great in that community. Something that lives up to our goals of helping developers.

Inaugural Meeting is FREE

We have announced our first meeting and we would like to extend an invitation to every developer who uses JavaScript to join us free of charge for this first meeting.

A Day in the Life of an Ember Developer

Presented by Yehuda Katz (@wycats)
Date: October 16, 2014
Time: 20:00 CDT

About our host

The host for NomadJS is noted speaker and JavaScript community member Jordan Kasper. (@jakerella) He is a JavaScript Engineer with appendTo and contributes to various open source projects in addition to conference speaking. He is a firm believer in building community and hopes to serve that community well through NomadJS.

Join us

Join us for the inaugural meeting of NomadJS. Be a part of the new community from the beginning.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

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