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10 thoughts on “What Developers Want Recruiters to Know

  1. I just forwarded this list to a recruiter that had left me a nice generic “please find me someone” message in my inbox a few weeks ago. Hopefully he bothers to read it. :-)

  2. Awesome read. Every single tweet feels spot on. Thanks for taking the time to write a post on something that irritates ALL professionals in the field. Amateurs might like the non personal – I don’t read your cv and share nothing of info with you – approach, because they have to.
    Professionals – and those are the ones the recruiters need – DONT!

  3. Hi Cal,

    this is really a nice read and it feels good to know that I am not the only one feeling this way :) I actually took on the same crusade with my friends and colleagues and ended up with my own top 10 list in article How not to approach me on LinkedIn ( Seems we both managed to arrive at same issues. Larry Garfield mentioned in comments that he forwarded the article to the recruiter. I did this few times with mixed results – some people ignored it, some seemed to learn from it. I think this can be an eye-opener for some so guys don’t hesitate to use it :)

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