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Help Build a Culture of Respect

Book Cover: Culture of RespectDear Reader,

I am in the final steps of producing my next book, “Culture of Respect: How to Find, Hire, and Retain Developers”.  It is based in large part on my own experience, as well as advice I have received from other managers and talks I’ve had with both developers and managers.


Be a part of my latest book

The final piece I want for this book is advice from developer managers, team leaders, directors of IT. I want your best tips for other managers to help them build a better team or department.  So I’m asking you. Are you a manager? Director? Team Lead? Do you want to be part of my latest book? Drop me an email.


How you can help

If you would like to submit to be considered here is what I am looking for from you.

  • Send an email to cal at calevans dot com. In the subject line put “Culture of Respect”
  • In the email put your best advice for managing developers, building a team, finding developers, hiring developers or building your team’s culture.  No more than 3 paragraphs, please.
  • Give it a title, a good title

If I select your submission, I will drop you an email letting you know and asking you for a high-quality head shot to go on the book.

I am hoping to get 10 good submissions for the book. If I get more than 10, I will write those I don’t use in the book and ask if I can use them as guests blog posts on this blog.


The Fine Print

  1. My judgement is final on what goes into the book. You do not have to agree to let me use it as a guest blog post if it doesn’t make the book, but you can’t argue with me about whether it makes it into the book.
  2. This is not a paying gig. If you want to share, to help others build teams and manage developers then I want your submission. You will get attribution for your contribution. I’ll list your name, twitter, and blog should you want it. You will have to confirm that what you submit is your own and you will have to agree to allow me to publish it in my book.
  3. You will get a free copy of the eBook and a coupon to give to someone else for a free copy. I am not currently planning a dead-tree edition of this book but if I do, those selected will get a free signed copy for your collection, and a second free copy to give away to someone.


The Call to Action

So, help me, and  help others. Submit your best tips to share with other developer managers, team leads, and IT managers. Let’s see if we can change things for the better.

Until next time,

I <3 |<

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