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I’ve been fired, now what? (yes, it’s clickbait)

Packing up my desk. by slworkingDear Reader,

[Ed: NO. I have not been fired. It’s a blog post about being fired.]

I’ve been “let go” a couple of times in my career. Not often, but probably not as often as I should have been.

There is one thing I want to share with you about getting the boot. This is the one that it is really important that you get right. The most important thing is what you do immediately after receiving your walking papers. Here it is, here is the secret to surviving being asked to clean out your desk.

Do Nothing

YUP, that’s the big secret, do nothing. Take some time for yourself before you dive back in.


The Monday Redundancy – Best case scenario

You best case scenario is that you go in first thing on Monday morning, your boss calls you in and explains that “we are going in a different direction”. Being canned on a Monday is the absolute best scenario. Assuming you have time to pack your stuff, have HR process your exit paperwork, and hopefully say your goodbyes, you are out of there by noon.

You now have the rest of the day. You plan of action is simple, do nothing. Go home, discuss the situation with your significant other, life partner, wife or husband. Cry if you need to, drink if you want to. If it was a job you loved, you’ve just lost an important part of your life. Even if you hated the job, it’s a shock to the system for most of us. You need to recuperate, you need to grieve, you need to not think.

So go home and do absolutely nothing.

Tuesday morning, get up, pick yourself up, crawl out of the bottle or the bucket of self pity, it is now time to plan your next move. The great thing is you’ve got the whole week ahead of you. You can immediately start contacting people, sending out feelers, and feeling productive. That’s why being fired on a Monday is the best case scenario…I mean, if you have to be fired.


The Friday Can – Worst Case Scenario

The absolute worst case scenario – and sadly the most common one – is to be called into your boss’ office after lunch on a Friday and given the news. You’ve still got the same 1/2 a days worth of packing, HR, and goodbyes. At the end though, you are faced with 2 days of inactivity before you can feel useful. Again, the advice is the same. Go home, do nothing.

Take Saturday and pout, hold a pity party, drink, sulk, get mad, wonder where it all went wrong. Stay off ALL social media! Do all of this, get it out of your system. Wake up Sunday morning, sit down and start making a plan of action. Figure out what your situation is, and what you need to do next.


The important thing is to do nothing

No matter when during the week you get notified that you’ve been made redundant, make sure you take some time to yourself. Get over the shock to your mental system, get it out of your system, get over it.

Then get up, get back on the horse, get out there and find your next big adventure.


Until next time,
I <3 |<



Photo Credit: “Packing up my desk” by slworking

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