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Range Report: Christmas Vacation Style

Dear Reader,


The kids are home for the holidays. For the Evans family, that means a trip to the range. So this morning we packed up the Evans Family Militia – Tennessee Chapter, and headed to the range. I finally got some time with my Smith & Wesson 986. I didn’t do too bad.


This target is 21 rounds at 10 yards with the revolver. Yes, I’m still pulling to the left, but nothing outside of the 9 ring so I’m happy.


Again, 21 rounds at 10 yards with the revolver. This time, not as good. I’m not sure what went wrong but I went wild on this one. Still, all in the 9 right, but only two in the 10.
This final round was 20 shots at 5 yards with the Glock 17. I’ve shot this gun almost a year now so I am very comfortable with it.



All in all I am pleased with my progress. I need some more range time with the revolver to get comfortable though.

This was the first time I shot both the semi and the revolver.  The 986 is a 9mm revolver and doesn’t kick anywhere near as bad as a .38. But I was surprised that the 986 does kick more than the Glock. My guess is that the slide on the Glock takes some of the energy and transfers it into chambering the next round, where as the revolver doesn’t. But it could also be that the revolver’s frame is a solid piece of metal and that my palm is on that metal.


Either way, we killed a lot of Oompa Loompa’s today. So it was a good day. :)


I love my family. Which is probably a good thing since they are all decent shots.


Until next time,

I <3 |<