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Wisdom of the ElePHPant

Dear Reader,Wisdom of the ElePHPant book cover

At long last it is time to reveal my “secret project”, Wisdom of the ElePHPant. (WotE)

We have a LOT of smart people in the PHP community. I love going to conferences, not to hear the sessions, but to sit in on conversations. People like Larry (@crell) Garfield, Daniel (@dcousineau) and Laura (@lxt) Thomson, are thought leaders in our community.

Over the holidays, I contacted a bunch of people like those listed above, and asked them to take part in a special project. I asked each of them to contribute a nugget of wisdom. The resulting collection is called “Wisdom of the ElePHPant”. Each week on the website we will release a single nugget of wisdom. The first two are already released. We have them scheduled through January of 2016. (Seriously, there are a LOT of smart people in the PHP community) :)

In addition to the website, we selected 31 of the nuggets of wisdom and the lovely and talented Kathy  bound them into a book. We did a single print run of the book. Each contributor was given the chance to order books to hand out at events they attend.

There are only two ways to get a copy of the book.

  1. See one of the contributors, including myself at a conference or event and ask for one.
  2. Attend either Sunshine PHP or LoneStar PHP. Attendees of both conferences get them in their swag bags.

There will only ever be this one run of these books. We won’t be reprinting them.

This was a fun little project.  The contributors all did a wonderful job and I can’t say thank you enough to them. We have a wonderful community around PHP and the point of this project was to celebrate it.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

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