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Twitter Player Card for Blubrry PowerPress WordPress Plugin

Dear Reader,

For the past 10 years I have been a podcaster. In that time I’ve used a lot of tools to present my podcast. None of them are better than WordPress and PowerPress. The one thing that PowerPress is lacking is the ability to create a Twitter Player Card for my content. So I hacked something together.

PowerPress Player Card is a WordPress plugin. You have to have PowerPress installed and activated before it will activate. Without PowerPress, it’s useless anyhow.

The Readme contains installation instructions. You have to install it manually because it isn’t in the WordPRess plugin repo and most likely never will be.

Once you have it configured and you’ve validated your card using the Twitter Card Validator, everything is automatic. Add your podcast post and when the link is tweeted, users will see the player, right in their page.


Screen capture of a twitter player card for Voices of the ElePHPant
So now casual listeners can enjoy your podcast without having to subscribe to your feed or get a podcast app.

Thank you BluBrry for a great plugin.

Until next time
I <3 |<

3 thoughts on “Twitter Player Card for Blubrry PowerPress WordPress Plugin

  1. Absolutely love this you go to the top of the list for super fan. I know Angelo is going to be excited when he see’s this. Be sure to drop him an email and we will do our best to promote it as well..


  2. Great add-on plugin!!! Please contact me (refer to my email in this reply), we can include a link to it in PowerPress’s readme. I hope you plan on posting this on

    I will also give you some details what’s coming in 6.1 in the coming weeks, it will make the https portion a lot easier.

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