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Culture of Respect – Dead Tree Edition

Book Cover: Culture of RespectDear Reader,

I wasn’t going to do this. However, someone asked – and by “asked”, I mean bought enough to make it worthwhile – so I have made a limited run of “Culture of Respect”  in printed, physical form.

For those of you interested, order your  “Culture of Respect – Physical Copy” today. (Physical Copy also includes ebook) Of course you can still get the ebook “Culture of Respect – ebook

If you have previously purchased the ebook, you should have received a coupon to purchase the physical copy for $10+shipping. If you did not receive this email, drop me an email and we’ll talk.

Two Special Offers

  1. 5-Pack of Culture of Respect for $175
    Got 5 developer managers on your team? Get them all on the same page with a “Culture of Respect” 5-Pack and save $5 per book doing it.
  2.  10-Pack of Culture of Respect for $300
    Save even more with the “Culture of Respect” 10-pack. Get all the developer managers in your office on the same page and save $10 per book in the process.
    BONUS: The 10 pack includes a 1 hour conference call with me and your developer management team. I will present on developer management for 20-30 minutes and then do Q&A on either the presentation or the topics covered in the book. The consultation alone is worth $200. You get almost $600 worth of books and consulting for only $300.

Order your copy today!

Until next time,
I <3 |<

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