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PHP 7 Is Alive!

PHP 7 Lives!

php 7 logo white

PHP 7 is now ready for release! It took more than 200 developers, more than a year of work, eight Release Candidates, and more than a few fights on Internals, but it is now ready for you to download and install.

What are you waiting for? Hit the download page now and grab your copy. Unpack it, and then configure;make;make install! (or however you install the latest version of PHP on your servers)

While you are waiting for it to compile and install (did I mention make test? you need to do that too) here’s a little video that was put together by “ElePHPant Studios”. I have it on good authority that “ElePHPant Studios is really Zend Israel in disguise. :)

So fire up those downloaders and heat up those space heaters you call CPUs. It’s time to do the “Download Dance”!

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