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When speaking, things will go wrong. Be ready to roll with it

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3623548417_4d19aaa038_mWhen you are speaking at a conference, it does not matter how prepared you are, sometimes things will go wrong. It could be something as simple as your microphone’s battery dies half way through your talk. Sometimes you may find that the projector has overheated and shut down. On the far end of the bad things scale, you could find yourself presenting in a dark room to a group of very confused listeners because the building you are in has lost power. No matter what happens, you as the speaker need to be prepared to roll with it. It’s ok to spend a few extra minutes futzing with things to see if you can get things back on track, especially if you haven’t yet started. However, at some point, you’ve got to call it, and simply say, I’ll present with what I have.  

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