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A Speaker’s Bag Breakdown

Dear Reader,

I do a lot of speaking at conferences. because of that, I’ve learned to carry everything I need and then some. This post describes everything I carry and why.

Haven’t We Been here Before?

Back in 2009 – as I was preparing for one of the most interesting conferences I ever took part in, “Marco Tabini’s Traveling PHP Road Show ” (aka CodeWorks ’09) – I posted a picture of what I pack in my bag for traveling as part of a post about CW09. Recently, when going through my blog, I ran across it and thought it might be fun to contrast what I carried then with what I carry now.

Here is everything I carry on every trip. When traveling domestically with the Lovely and Talented Kathy, I also now carry my podcasting gear. That is not pictured in this breakdown, however, if anyone is interested, I’m happy to do a breakdown of that as well.

Before I start, it should be noted that I thought I carried a lot of stuff back in the day. I actually switched to OSX in part because the Macbook Air was lighter than any other laptop on the market at that time. Of course, that didn’t take into account all the Apple crap you have to carry WITH it. :) Overall, though, even though it looks like a lot, my pack is still about 10lb lighter now than the previous picture.

My Current Bag:

a breakdown of what I carry in my bag when speaking at conferences.
Click for a larger image

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