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Dear Reader,

Those that don’t know me well will probably be surprised to hear me say that I am an introvert. All my life I’ve had a very small circle of friends. Even though I am a very public figure these days in the PHP community, I still maintain a very small group of close friends.

I consider a lot of you my friend.

I consider many of you my good friend.

There are however, only three, that I consider my close friend. Those three are Adam Culp, Keith Casey, and Paul Jones.

  • Adam is my practical friend. I lean on him a lot for daily advice. I always appreciate the advice and help Adam gives me, even when I fail to say as much.
  • Keith is my smart friend. I introduce Keith to people as “Scary Smart”. If you are privileged enough to get to know him as well as I do, you’ll learn that’s not a joke. I am truly honored to be allowed to call this man my friend.
  • Paul however, is my best friend. Over the course of ten plus years, Paul and I have forged a bond that holds strong no matter how far apart we are. Paul is my wise friend. I turn to him for advice on the hard problems and he never fails to help me work through my issue.

I don’t say thank you enough to these three gentlemen for the footprint they have each put on my life. Adam, Keith, Paul, thank you. I do however, thank God on a daily basis for bringing you into my life.

To all the rest of you who consider me a friend, thank you as well. So many of you have touched me in so many different ways that I can’t list you all.

Until next time,
I <3 |<