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Goodbye’s suck

Dear Reader,

I hate saying goodbye. I remember the first time I left a job…well, a job that didn’t require me to wear a uniform. I said goodbye to friends I had worked with for over a decade. Most of them I never saw again, some of them I won’t see again till we meet in Heaven. Saying goodbye sucks. Thankfully in these hyper-connected days, we only have to say goodbye to a job, not to the friends we have made.

Today is my last day at RogueWave Software, Inc. I was hired a scant two and a half years ago to manage the training department. During my tenure, we (I had an awesome team) have taken the RogueWave on-line training department and rebuilt it. All their courses are not only up-to-date now but they have a continuous improvement process that keeps them up to date. We also built a couple of great new courses including the new PHP Fundamentals III. That course is designed for Senior PHP developers that want the skills and knowledge necessary to become software architects.

For those of you who have seen me talk on management, I did my best to apply all the principals to my team at RogeuWave that I have been teaching to you. I already had good people, but they were stifled by process. My job was to cut through the crap and free them to do their job. I did my part and was astounded by the work that they were able to do once they were free to do their job as they saw it.

I have nothing but good things to say about my time at RogueWave. I have made new friends, I got to work with old friends, and I learned a lot along the way. (Updating the PHP Certification was an eye-opening experience for me. The work that goes into not only writing the questions but leveling the test and removing bias is way more than I expected.)

So it is bittersweet that I am now moving on. I know that I will be missed. I know equally well that progress will continue in my absence. My team knows that I will miss them all and miss celebrating the victories. (There are still things in process that I helps set into motion but won’t come to fruition for a while yet.) Everything however, has to come to an end.

So while I am saying this privately to many of my friends, I will say this publicly to them all. It has been my great honor to have been a part of RogueWave. I wish them all nothing but good fortune and smooth sailing. I will not say goodbye to you, simply say until we meet again. :)

Until next time,
I <3 |<