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I love writing code!

Dear Reader,

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

— Marc Anthony

I love writing code. I love writing code that makes computers do things. I discovered this love when I was 14 years old and it has never left me.

These days I get paid to write code, It is awesome. Even so, I’ve written code when I didn’t get paid, I’ve written code that I can’t/won’t sell, I’ve written code that no one else will see, just for the sake of writing code. I LOVE WRITING CODE.

Because I love it, sometimes I am overzealous in the pursuit of writing code. I’ve worked 80-120 hour weeks before. (Whether for my employer or for my own person projects does not matter.) I’ve stayed up all night writing code, I’ve sat down in the morning to write code, looked up only to find that I had forgotten to eat a meal, take a shower, or even interact with another human that day. It’s not the healthiest thing I’ve done but it was fun! It was fun because I LOVE WRITING CODE!

I’ve been told personally, privately and by some less than clever people in sub-textual tweets that I need to stop working more than 40 hours a week because I am setting a bad example for others. Newer programmers who may not know how to balance their life might see me talking about coding straight through the weekend  and think that it’s ok. I wonder, did anyone ever tell Freddy Mercury, you need to stop playing instruments, singing, writing songs, and performing because you are setting a bad example for others? Did anyone tell Sir Edmund Hillary that mountain climbing was an unhealthy lifestyle and that he should stop glorifying it?

I get it, I am blessed. (I am not privileged because of my birth. I am not lucky. I am blessed by God) I get paid to do something that I love. If you are not in that position, if you program computers and then go home and have other interests, that’s wonderful, more power to you. I celebrate you because programming allows you to live the lifestyle you choose. But don’t come down on me because computers are my other interest. Don’t tell me that I can’t continue chasing a problem long after you’ve given up and gone home because this isn’t your passion, it’s your paycheck. Honestly, that’s your problem, not mine.

If I decide to put in an 80 hour week because the problem I’ve been given to solve is interesting,  you don’t get to decide if that’s healthy or not. You don’t get to tell me to stop because my work ethic is setting a bad example for others.

For 12+ years now I’ve been helping people become developers, and become better developers.  I’ve advised countless people to ‘follow their passion’, well, this is what that means. I am following my passion. If you are blessed to love programming as much as I do and you get paid to do it, pull out all the stops, chase that problem for as long as it takes. When you solve it – and you will solve it – smile at the inner peace you have because you solved it in large part because you love what you do, and persisted in doing it long after others gave up because they have other interests. Be proud of yourself, because you really are living the dream.

Until next time,

I <3 |<