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I hate selling almost as much as I hate being sold

Dear Reader,

I hate selling things. I don’t mind showing people something I have created and seeing if they are interested, but I hate going full-on sales mode trying to convince someone that what I have to offer is something they need.

If someone does not buy what I am selling, one of two things has happened.

  1. I have failed to show that my product solves their needs
  2. They understand what I am selling and understand that it does not meet their needs.

In the first case, I blew it. I need to refine my pitch and try again on someone else.

In the second case, I blew it because I tried to sell to the wrong person.

In both cases, no amount ‘Yes but…’ or ‘Hey, did you get my email…” is going to help me close the sale.

Seeing people’s eyes light up when they see what I am offering and understand how it can help them is awesome. That’s not selling, that’s helping people.

Until next time,
I <3 |<