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Rise to the occasion

Dear Reader,

My very first shot at speaking at a conference came long before I entered the PHP community.  It was back in my FoxPro days. Several of my co-workers were putting together a regional FoxPro conference and they asked me if I wanted to speak.

I hemmed and hawed, and said, “let me get back to you”.

Life moved on without me. I was stuck behind a wall of fear and just could not move on.

I decided – sitting in that conference that I could have been speaking at – that if I was ever asked again, I would immediately say YES.

If you want to speak, you have to not only be willing to rise to the occasion, you have to be ready to.

Get yourself in the mindset to step up.  Convince yourself that you are ready.

Then, the next time your PHP User Group leader asks for volunteers to speak, rise to the occasion.

Until next time,
I <3 |<