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Saying Thank You

Dear Reader,

I do my best to say thank you to everyone who helps me, even if they don’t think they have helped me. I fail.

All of us like to focus on that one person who made a huge difference in our life or our career.  The problem is that while we may have one or two main mentors, it’s the little help we get from people along the way that really stack up to make a difference.

So many people have stopped to give me advice, help me solve a single problem, or even just retweeted or reposted a social media message I am promoting. The number of people that have helped me get where I am today is staggering.

I am not standing on the shoulders of giants, I stand on the shoulders of thousands of regular individuals.

I am very ashamed that I’ve not said thank you to each and every one of them.

Remembering to say thank you is now a passion of mine. People still help me daily and it is my great pleasure to say thank you to them.

Until next time,
I <3 |<