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Everybody fails

Dear Reader,
Dimaxan house at the Henry Ford museum

The picture on the right is the Dymaxian house on permanent display at The Henry Ford.

The Dymaxian house was invented to help solve two pressing problems.

  1. Affordable housing for GIs returning from WWII
  2. What to do with excess aircraft production capabilities now that WWII was over.

It is an interesting concept that failed miserably. Turns out, nobody wanted to live in a round house built out of aluminum and Plexiglas. Still as failures go, this one is spectacular in it’s scope and potential scale.

Who was the colossal failure that convince the Beechcraft Aircraft company to invest millions only to produce a total of two prototypes? None other than Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller.

We know Bucky because he later went on to invent the geodesic dome.

Everybody fails, everybody.

Until next time,
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