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I am not my code

Dear Reader,

In my mind, I hand craft bespoke solutions to problems; each solution as finely engineered as a Swiss watch. They are my little solutions that I create and send out into the world to solve problems forever.

In reality, I pull a ticket from Jira, I solve the problem, I move on.

I have to be careful what I put my identity into. It’s fine to identify as a programmer; it can be dangerous to identify only with a single project.

As soon as my identity is wrapped up in a specific project or piece of code, I take personally any comments made about the project. If someone doesn’t like the code, they obviously don’t like me.  This may leads to epic raging battles across social media and email, but it never solves anything, it only entrenches me further.

I have to divorce yourself from your code. I am a well-rounded human being, not a code factory. No matter how much I love my creation, at the end of the day, I have to put it in a box and forget about it for a while.

Until next time,
I <3 |<