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Sunglasses as an investment vehicle

Dear Reader,A picture of Cal Evans wearing sunglasses

In my lifetime, I have owned 3 pair of expensive sunglasses.

  • One pair of Ray-Ban Aviators in the 80’s
  • Two pair of Oakley’s.

Each lasted me approximately three months before I lost or destroyed them.

More recently I’ve started buying a significantly cheaper – yet still polarized – brand. Guess what? They still only last about three months.

I just lost my second pair, so I’m going to have to purchase a third. The price of all three pairs of these sunglasses combined don’t approach the price of the cheapest pair of the expensive ones.

I don’t need style or status from my sunglasses, I need protection for my eyes. By purchasing the cheaper just as effective glasses, I have more money to spend on the important things in my life.

With both my money and my time, I need to remain vigilant to only invest significant portions in things that really matter. Things like the people around me.

Until next time,
I <3 |<