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My ONE Friend

Dear Reader,

My paternal grandmother, Grace “Mamaw” Evans, was a Godly woman. She was also a master marketer.

Whether she was introducing someone at the flower shop she owned for as long as I can remember, or she was introducing a new member to the Sunday school class she taught, her introduction was the same.

” I want you to meet <NAME>, my one and only friend.”

Of course it was a lie, Grace had more friends than she could count.

The lesson I learned was “Treat everyone you meet like they are your only friend, and you will never have only one friend”.

Grace may have been the greatest marketers I’ve ever known.

Until next time,
I <3 |<


One thought on “My ONE Friend

  1. Pure wisdom! :)

    I think that’s the philosophy that I have seen in you as well – since day 1, I know you, you are so good with everyone, helping everyone and uniting communities.

    Dear Cal, your grandmother would (is) proud of you :)

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