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My turn to be the giant

Dear Reader,

I am a self-taught programmer.

This does not mean I conceived of all the knowledge I have in a vacuume. It does mean that I did not have a formal guide on my journey. I had to figure out what was important and what was not. Whether you are self-taught or formally educated, you are still learning what others before you have learned and shared.

As I learn new things, build on my experience, experiment, and come up with new ideas, it is important that I not forget that I am where I am because of those that have come before me. They shared what they learned so that I could learn it too.

It is up to me to carry on that tradition and share. I must share what I know with the current generation and the next, so that they can learn, be inspired, experiment, discover, and then share.

If we all stand on the shoulders of giants, eventually it is our turn to be the giant.

Until next time,
I <3 |<