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Watching a million dollars walk out the door

Dear Reader,

Co Worker #1: Did you hear? Bob is leaving.

Co Worker #2: Bob? He’s been here 10 years, why would he leave?

Co Worker #1: He wants to spend more time with his kids. He used to work form home 2 days a week to be close to them but since corporate implemented the “no telecommuting policy”, he can’t do that anymore.

How many times do companies have to watch years of institutional knowledge walk out the door before they get it? Having someone who understands the problems and knows how to fix them are more important than being able to see a butt in a seat.

In the case above – yes, a real situation I watched play out – you have the salary and benefits for 10 years walking out the door, but that’s not all. For 10 years, Bob solved problems and became the domain space expert. You may be able to replace the butt in his seat, but it will take you exactly 10 years before you have someone who has the knowledge he has.

Don’t watch a million dollars walk out the door.

If your managers are not comfortable managing remote workers, get better managers.

Until next time
I <3 |<