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Me first

Dear Reader,

In training for a PADI Dive Master, they drill into you being a role-model.  How can you expect other divers to dive responsibly if the ones in charge don’t? This means no skimping on my BWRAF, no ‘accidentally’ slipping down below my max depth to get a better look at something. It is my responsibility to show others how they are expected to behave.

Our society is fractured. Call it tribalism, identity politics, or whatever term de’ jure you wish to use, it’s happening world wide. So I am going to make it my responsibility to model the behavior I expect from others. I literally am going to take to heart ‘be the change I want to see’.

The change I want to see is not more scisms.

The change I want to see is not more dog-piling on someone because you disagree with them.

The change I want to see is understanding. Only through stopping to understand the other person, can we begin to hold a conversation with them on our differences.

It starts with me first.

Until next time,
I <3 |<