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I’m mad

Dear Reader,

I am pissed off…at myself.

Recently, I got a call from a recruiter. She gave me her name and company, then asked me about the weather. She jokingly berated me for my answer. It threw me off.

Then, without warning, she launched into a critique of my resume. I won’t go into the details but suffice to say that the conversation went downhill quickly.

After the second time I apologized because she said “There’s no call to get snippy with me” – I honestly did not think I had – I explained that I really didn’t feel the need to be lectured today by a recruiter. (This time I was snippy) I thanked her for her time and curtly hit the end-call button.

The whole call made me mad. The more I thought, the madder I got. As I was sitting there stewing, I began to realize why. I wasn’t mad at her, I was mad at myself. I was mad because I had let her get under my skin. I was mad because I reacted poorly.

I cannot control what people do to me, but I dang sure can control how I respond to their actions. I reacted badly, that made me mad.

Until next time,
I <3 |<