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Humility: Part 1

Dear Reader,

I suffer from an overabundance of confidence. Two events though have shaken that recently. First, I was fired.

Many men of my era have their identity wrapped up in being a productive member of society and being the provider for their family. Being fired shook me to my core. Especially being fired as a developer, my primary vocation.

It has taken me a long time to come to grips with this event. At first it was humiliating. I’m not saying it is not still, but I am learning  to accept it, to get back up on my feet, to start moving forward again.

Humiliation is a good thing. It has forced me to take a long hard look at myself.  I know I will get a job again, I will be contributing again, and I will once again be providing for my family. I know that this too will pass. But I want the person that comes through this trial to be a better person than the one that went in.

If not, that means I did not learn, I did not grow, and I will be here again.

Until next time
I <3 |<