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I earned my rope!

Dear Reader,

A picture of a short length of nylon rope

That is MY rope. I EARNED my rope.  As part of my PADI Dive Master Certification (yes, the same training that almost kicked my butt) I had to learn to tie several knots and to successfully tie them underwater. My instructor handed each of us a piece of rope as he cut it off of a much longer piece. When asked, he replied that he gives every student a piece of HIS rope so they can learn.

In tech, we don’t celebrate individual’s wins as much as we should. When I was running a team, at every quarterly team lunch, I would hand out custom made badges that were modeled after the old Texas Ranger badges. Texas Rangers motto is (or used to be) “One problem, one Ranger”, so when one of my developers tackled a problem and completed it, they earned their badge. This wasn’t a participation award, you had to earn it.

Managers, take time to celebrate an individual’s wins. Even if they give it the “Aw shucks, it was a team effort” they need to see that you recognized their efforts and appreciate it.

Let your developers earn THEIR rope.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

2 thoughts on “I earned my rope!

  1. Congrats dear Cal! Well done!

    Regarding the knots, I have been learning a couple of knot techniques while embarking on a new hobby of mine: fishing :)
    So I can totally understand and relate, been watching hours and hours of youtube regarding various knots, not easy.. well done!

  2. We were supposed to have tied them underwater with gloves on. Our instructor had pity on us and didn’t make us wear gloves. :)

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