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Dive with 3 computers

Dear Reader,

Free advice is worth every penny you you pay for it.

I recently had a good friend of mine run an idea by me. It sounded solid so I told him so. I thought it was a great idea.

He ran it by another friend and they told him it was a worthless idea. This friend had nothing good to say about the idea. This discouraged friend 1 to the point where he was seriously considering giving up on it totally. Hearing this from friend 2 was demoralizing.


Dive with 3 computers

In scuba diving, many professional divers carry three dive computers on each dive, their primary and two backups. Part of this is because you never want to be underwater at depth and have your computer fail. Trust me, it’s happened twice to me. No, the main reason they do it is because If, when they get back to the surface, their primary gives them a reading they don’t expect, they have  backup. Having one backup though doesn’t really help. At that point you have to decide which one you want to go with. In some cases that might make the difference of being able to dive again today and not. That can be dangerous on the life-n-death level. That’s where the third computer comes in. Now you have 3 “opinions”. You can take a consensus and go with the majority. If your primary was giving you a reading you didn’t like (e.g. you went into Deco) but the other two did not, you can feel safe about diving the next dive.

However, if two of the three computers tell you you went Deco, listen to them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to hear that. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe them. You bought the computers – you sought their advice – so heed the advice. 


Applying the rule of 3 to free advice

  • Don’t just ask one person, they may lie to you to not hurt your feelings.
  • Don’t just ask two because then you don’t know which one to believe and you end up going with the one that you agree with.
  • Ask three people. And even if you don’t like the answer, listen to them.

Until next time,
I <3 |<