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Everything changes…even conferences

Dear Reader,

“Change is the only constant in life.”
— Heraclitus

I’ve been around tech conferences for a long time now. I’ve seen conferences come and go. The more I look at tech conferences though, the more I realize that old Heraclitus was correct. The only constant in the tech conference sphere is that it is constantly changing…and that’s a good thing.

When I started working with PHP conferences There were only a handful of speakers and they were at almost every conference. All of us realized that this wasn’t ideal, but – at least in the PHP community – we had to grow our own talent base speaker-wise before this was going to change. I’m happy to say that this has changed. These days, yes, you’ve still got a few that speak at many of the conferences, but most conferences try to bring in fresh faces and fresh ideas.

When I started doing virtual conferences at Day Camp 4 Developers, it was because only about 1%-2% of PHP developers could get to a conference. Most companies wouldn’t spend the money to send a developer to a conference and most developers couldn’t afford it on their own.  Now, virtual conferences are a necessity of life. Hopefully one that will go away, but night now, there is no denying that virtual events are de rigueur for a while to come. Of curse nobody wanted it to be this way but the silver lining is there are a LOT more opportunities for PHP developers to learn.

When I first heard of the Dutch PHP Conference it was because I was blessed to be asked to speak at the very first one. Back then it was a small one-track conference with 200-300 people in attendance. Fast forward a few years to 2009 and I was honored to actually get to help run the conference. That year we have 3 tracks and a little more than 3x the number of attendees.

Now, for the second year in a row, I am hosting DPC again. This year, like last year, it will be a virtual conference. This year, like last year, the main conference day is free. (And now you know why I don’t run Day Camp 4 Developers events anymore. :) )

It has changed a lot since that very first one, but at it’s core, it’s still run by the same people for the same reason. See, I think the reason I like DPC so much is because I know the people behind the curtain. Joni and Tom have been friends of mine for more than 10 years now, and I see the effort that they – and the entire company – pour into DPC. I respect that they do this out of love.

So it’s an honor for me to be associated with DPC again. I’ll gladly stand in front of a camera for this this year, tell bad jokes between speakers and introduce those speakers to you. Yes, some of the speakers will be old friends of mine. Some of them are new friends of mine. All of them though are members of the herd – the PHP community – and that’s really all I need to know.

Join me and my old and new friends on June 18th for DPC21. If you want to seem some long-form sessions, there are still tickets available for the June 17th talks as well. (Those cost…still worth it)

If you have never been to a PHP conference before in your life, do yourself a favor and block off June 18th, 2021 and get yourself a ticket to DPC21.

As I say for Day Camp 4 Developers “Invest a day in your career” :)

Oh and make sure you join the slack channel and say hi. I’ll be the one telling the bad jokes. :)

Until next time,
I <3 |<