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CWJ: Day -7

Dear Reader,

CodeWorks 09 Vital Stats

CodeWorks 09 day #: -7
Days till I see the Lovely and Talented Kathy:14
Cities left: 7
Miles Traveled: 0
Cups of Coffee: 0
Current Current City: London

Random Stat of the Day

Current Slide Count:92

Prep Work

Today’s presentation included adding a couple of code oriented slides to my “Design Patterns” talk. I felt that 50+ slides weren’t enough to keep you amused while I ramble. I may sneak in a few slides showing past articles from this blog if I can’t find anything else to show. I’ve got 60 minutes to fill and so far I’m only at 55. :)


CodeWorks 09 Journal

Dear Reader,

This blog is about to go into journal mode for a few weeks. As you are a regular reader, you will no doubt, have noticed the CodeWorks speaker badge to the left of this post. It is my goal (not promise) to journal these final days of hectic preparation and the entire wild journey of what will undoubtedly be one of the more interesting things I ever do.