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Oh HELL Yea!

Dear Reader,

PHP Console Mode

This rocks more than anything I’ve seen added to PHP in some time.

I grew up programming FoxPro. One of the great things about FP/VFP was the command window. Just fire it up and start issuing commands. It was wonderful. You could easily get things done, test new ideas, even check syntax. SideNote: I got in trouble at a previous job because a lot of what I did was in the command window and not in prg files. Now the company they replaced me with can’t figure out how to do simple tasks like data analysis. (Guys, I’m sorry you can’t find a competent programmer to replace me. Next time, don’t make such rash decisions)

Anyhow, this is going to be da bomb and my killer reason for switching to PHP5.

Until next time, have a wonderful day.


PHP Quickie

Dear Reader,

2 quickies for all you PHP junkies out there.

1: Nashville PHP Users Group Ironically, my boss, who lives in San Jose, CA showed me this. Gotta make the next meeting. As part of this one PHP Podcast The second one, “Conversation with Wez Furlong” was pretty interesting. (If a bit long, it might have been better as maybe 3 conversations with Wez)

2: Anyone toying with AJAX? (yea, I know, PHP is not front end but AJAX has to talk to something.) Here’s are 2 pretty cool articles Part 1 and Part 2

That’s it.

Until next time, have a safe flight.